Telling Their Stories is a husband and wife team on a mission to share the unique stories and history of America.


     As a young girl Jolene had an opportunity to take part in a living history event at a historical home near where she lived, she enjoyed it so much that when her family moved she sought out other opportunities to participate in living history events.  In college she studied Archaeology and Genealogy in order to better equip her for her passion of sharing history.  Jolene can be found here writing blog posts and researching stories as well as assisting Austin with his film making.

     As a teenager Austin enjoyed hunting for geocaches, which are containers hidden all around the world, located with GPS coordinates. While on these adventures he started noticing historical markers, and thus his "Historical Geocaching" YouTube channel was born in 2012. His desire to share his geocaching adventures slowly turned into a desire to share his trips to history museums and national parks, helping others to also "have a blast with the past". When not researching the next trip he and Jolene should go on, Austin is typically found editing video footage or working hard at graduate school.  

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When not doing research or discovering new historical locations and stories, I can pretty generally be found playing music and spending time with my husband and family.

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By day, I'm a graduate student studying plant ecology at the University of Georgia, Athens. By weekend and by vacation, I'm a passionate history buff who loves chronicling my adventures!

Austin can also be found on the interwebs under the pen name tnphotobug.