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A Few Words of Welcome

Greetings good friends and readers,

How has the summer been treating you? Mine has been treating me quite well! It has been very busy though. This summer I have been taking a bit of a hiatuses (as you may have noticed) from writing on the blog to help my husband with field research for his doctorate. Because of this I have an apology to make.

I quite apologize for my absence but more importantly for the handful of posts that some of you have seen which have appeared as published and then soon disappeared. To those of you who read those posts I am deeply sorry about that. Those posts were ones that not ready to be published (because they were still in the planning/research phase) but that I had set to automatically publish and then forgot that fact until either I or my husband discovered that they had been published. Upon that discovery, I took those posts down. Anyways, please keep an eye on the blog as you might see some of those posts return in finished form.

For those of you who have been reading for a while and to those who have just joined us, Welcome! I am so glad that you have chosen to take time out of your day to join me on the adventure of learning history together. I plan to resume posting here on the blog the first Tuesday in September. See you then!


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