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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Greetings good friends! Welcome to Telling Their Stories, a blog about historical people.  My aim with this blog is to share stories of everyday men and women from the 1700s through the 1950s.  These are men and women who did heroic and/or amazing things.  They were people who tried to make our world a better place.

A Girl Reading By Beth Jackson

These are stories not of royals or of most aristocrats, but of the common everyday people.  Stories to inspire and shed light on how different historical events were effected by and effected common people.

I know for myself the part of history that is the most interesting is the personal stories. I also plan to from time to time share the stories of places that my husband and I adventure off to.

  Again welcome and may this be a place to find inspiration and interest in history.


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