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No More Stolen Sisters

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Welcome back good friends! Greetings! Last week I took a break to deal with some private matters but I am back this week with a new post. This week please pardon me as my thoughts may be a bit short this time, I am endeavoring to get back to the kinds of blog post y'all are expecting to see here.

By this point, you have likely heard about Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie. My condolences go to the Petito family. I hope they will soon get closure to the case.

In the land surrounding the area that Gabby went missing on over seven-hundred indigenous girls have gone missing. I have previously written about this issue in my blog post Pocahontas, Sagagawea and the MMIW .

Now, I am going to share an idea that is completely my own. The reason that there is less police attention in the cases of indigenous girls who go missing might be a continuation of the historic genocide of the indigenous tribes of this land. That is a heartbreaking thought! What is also heartbreaking is the idea that some white families are currently trying to over through ICWA - Indigenous Child Welfare Act - because it puts them at the bottom of the totem pole for adopting native children. I heard about this ICWA case through listening to the second season of This Land by a Cherokee nation citizen and reporter named Rebecca Nagle. I highly recommend listening to her podcast, both seasons cover supreme court cases that effect native sovereignty. The other two podcasts that I have listed below are by Connie Walker an "Okanese First Nation in Saskatchewa", Canada.

Well that is all for this weeks folks, please join me here again next week for another little known story.


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